Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am 30.

Hubs spent the morning helping some friends move but got up early enough to set the breakfast table for me. Apparently, he'd been confiscating packages throughout the week and he wrapped them up for me to open on Saturday morning.

The ole Memphis crew are faithful friends! Thanks, gals. My mom sent the most beautiful necklace, among other things...which I failed to photograph!

David and I were going to go to the craft fair on Saturday afternoon or to Locust Grove Plantation. But the wind and rain made a movie while sitting on our couch much more favorable. Reb sent Dan In Real Life as a gift so we watched that...we thought it was hilarious.

Saturday night we were scheduled for dinner with the Boevings. We arrived to find a few extra additions to the dinner party shouting surprise. It was a LoT of fun. Please note, I had TWO birthday cakes...one was an incredible iced brownie with Reeses and the other...my mom's Raspberry Mousse Pie which I always requested for my birthdays growing up. David snuck the recipe out of my little collection and Beth undertook the task. Delicious. I am ashamed (kind of) to write that by Sunday night, that whole half of a pie that we were sent home with...was gone.

The sweet little Boevings helped me open gifts and the lovely Leslie brought her guitar and a hymnal so that we could all participate in one of my favorite activities...a hymn sing:)

It really was one of the sweetest birthdays I can remember. In particular, David put together a book of notes from friends. Saturday morning I took some time to look through it. I was humbled by the grace God has poured out in my life and for the many, many friends He has used to shape me. His work in me over these years has been so faithful. I am grateful for this gift of life.


Brandi said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Laura! That David of yours is somethin' special. :) Just think, next year on your birthday you will have another special little guy to celebrate your birthday with! :)

Lee said...

Happy Birthday!!! You wear 30 (and pregnancy) very well =) So glad it was a special day. Hey, i have an email from you that I have not replied to!! i'm gonna do that pronto.

greatishisfaithfulness said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day. I love Dan in Real Life!

Jessica Fregoe said...

I love your face in the picture of you opening up your mail package... you're so cute!!