Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laura's Stay-Cation

For two years I've looked at those lovely vacation hours on my pay slip and thought to myself, "Someday I'm just going to take a vacation day to stay at home."

Then my love for people and travel would overtake and I would think, "Now why would I take a day just to sit at home." So I always ended up using my vacation time for other purposes.

But this month, with a research paper looming over my head, a household that's being washed in Dreft:), and a body that can't quite seem to keep up with the pace these days, I decided to take two whole vacation days with no other purpose than to be at my house.

Starting tonight, for the next 4 days, I'm on stay-cation. And honestly, if I were on my way to the tropics, it's unlikely that I'd be much more excited:)


Beth said...

Hooray for you! That's exiting!!

Kari Plevan said...

I love this idea! Someone at work took almost a whole week just to relax, have a day at the spa, and get the house in order. Um, that sounds like vacation to me!!! Hope you are well rested. :)

Laura Young said...

hope you had fun. If you have a chance, I NEED the how-to on that sunflower cake. this is the sort of thing my kids would love. hope these next few weeks fly by!

linz said...

i need more preger pictures! im sad im missing it! i wanna see the weekly progression... you can say its all just for me if posting too many pics would make little jude feel vain. ;)