Friday, April 16, 2010

One Short Month

In honor of Jude's official "due date" which is now just one month away, I thought I'd give a little pregnancy update! (The picture is for my sis who wants to keep up with my growing belly:)

A few things you may (or may not) want to know:

1. I've gained around 28lbs in total.

2. The symptoms of the latter part of pregnancy have been much more manageable than those first 18 weeks of nauseau. No complaints here!

3. I went to water aerobics last night for the first time since month 3. I think that will officially be my last organized aerobics class for this pregnancy. The water belt kept flipping me over and I was a little disruptive to the class. My stomach is apparently quite bouyant.

4. I will stick to the lap side of the pool where Laurin has been kind enough to slow her pace to mine on several occasions. It's a much more manageable work out!

5. Hubs is headed to Memphis this weekend for Rob and Bethany's wedding! Ole doc grounded me and I will have to remain in Louisville until Jude arrives. I am so sorry to miss the celebration!

6. I had a doctor's appointment this week and asked him if I am unusually large. He measured my little stomach and said I'm right where I should be. What would I look like if I were measuring large?

7. I mentioned that I might go downtown for the amazing derby fireworks show this weekend, Thunder Over Louisville. David forbid it unless I got approval from the doctor. 45 minutes of intense fireworks might make me go into labor? Doc seemed amused by the question, and told me I could rest assured that fireworks could not induce labor.

8. Confession: I really wanted to ask for another ultrasound this week because I can hardly wait to catch another glimpse of Jude's sweet face. I restrained myself. I am just so excited about meeting him face to face:)

9. I was in a random conversation this week with a fellow in Louisville. I asked him what he did, and he told me he was "living the dream." That phrase always makes me laugh. What on earth does that mean? He said it seriously though.

In response, I looked down at my little baby belly, thought of my sweet husband and the ever faithful God who has, for now, given those gifts to me.

I looked right back at him to respond.

"Me too, brother."

This is better than my dreams. Maybe less idealistic, more earthy. Less bound by what I get, more satisfied in what I am able give. Less secure than I imagined, yet more steadied by the sovereignty of God. More dream like than I once thought becuase of that pressing reality that these are but shadows of the reality for which we wait.


Lee said...

I love the Great Divorce reference. Lewis is never short on a pointed word. And what a great God who gives us more than we dare to dream about.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear about this exciting time, Laura. I know I don't comment much, but I do follow your blog and enjoy it.

You look great. I totally agree about the latter part of pregnancy being easier. However, somehow during this third pregnancy I've been spared of almost all nausea! Amazing!

Enjoy the birth. Honestly, it is something I love. It's such an amazing experience.

Lori said...

Love the baby belly pic!!! You look ready to see him! I'm excited for you. It's such a precious wonderful time. Be sure to write down your birth story soon after. You begin to forget the little details quick with all the lack of sleep. Enjoy every moment and try your best to love every kick or flip he's doing in there right now. That was my favorite part and it's kind of sad knowing I won't get to experience that again.

Kacie said...

I had the honor of walking down the isle with your husband this weekend at Rob and Bethany's wedding. He is so sweet! And boy does his face light up when he talks about that baby and his sweet pregnant wife! Also, the fireworks putting you into labor made me laugh..haha so sweet.

LoganB said...

Laura, two things.

1. I am so excited for Little Dawkins to enter the world! It's really hard to believe that the girl who my mother knew that I had no idea who it was, is now my cousin and having a baby!!!!

2. Just had my senior prom this past weekend. Go look at my pictures on Facebook.