Saturday, April 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago in class, my professor spent an hour or so talking about the spiritual discipline of prayer. He mentioned the tearing of the temple curtain when Christ died on the cross...the opening of access for man to go to God without sacrifices or high priests. Christ intercedes for us. He is our access to the Father. Somehow the relation of the tearing of the curtain and our joyful discipline of going to Christ in prayer struck me afresh. Perhaps because the celebration of Christ's resurrection was so close at hand. Thus, as I've prepared for Easter, I've been considering Christ's sacrifice...and all that it opens up to those who put their faith in Him. I've been pondering a bit more the privilege of prayer....bought with the precious blood of Christ. It's made the season sweeter. It's also bringing a new dimension to my prayer life...a new awareness of the price paid for a privilege I quite often take for granted.

Spring is in the air. The earth seems to be waking from a winter's sleep with the glory of new life. Buds are blooming and flowers are poking through the dirt. The grass seem greener and the blue heavens a bit deeper. It is the vibrancy that could only follow the harshness of a winter.

Rejoicing from sacrifice. Life from death.

I am thankful for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. By His wounds, I am healed.

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