Monday, April 12, 2010

Return to Real Life

The stay-cation was WONDERFUL.

I slept...a LoT.

I put all Jude's little items in order.

I sat on our front porch, admired the tulips, read my book, and took in some vitamin D.

Today I returned to work and the gals in the office gave a lunch for Jude.

It was oh-so-cute and my favorite...African themed:)

Check out this amazing cake - made by a co-worker who has some serious cake skills!

A Monday like this is a great way to ease back into real life!


Beth said...

What an amazing cake!!! Who made it?

linz said...

wow that is incredible!

In Definition said...

aarica myers made it!

Nancy Robertson said...

That is THE MOST darling cake!!! Sign Aarica up for Jude's 1st birthday cake...heh, heh...