Friday, May 14, 2010

Date Night with Chuck

Last night David took me out for a little date night.

I ate spicy food in hopes of inducing labor. In the middle of the night, I thought I might be feeling my first contraction. After a minute or two, I decided it was just the spicy dinner. Oh well.

Earlier this week, I walked so much that I was just sure I'd bring Jude's arrival. It was to no avail. I just woke up sore the next day and had to go to the swimming pool to loosen my muscles.

Maybe if I just ignore all those tips and sit on my couch watching a movie, he'll come?

In the midst of all my cleaning, I came across an old stack of Chuck E Cheese tokens. We decided to make a stop there after dinner.

David lOvEs to play the basketball games they have in arcades. He gets a bit competitive. Though he beat the record on one of the games last night, he could not beat the score on another set. (Please note, the record was most likely set by a 16 year old who works there and plays the game all the time.) I think he was sad when the tokens ran out and he hadn't been able to beat the top score.

We spent the tickets at the counter on 2 tootsie pops and a jumbo tootsie roll.

The wild adventures of the Dawkins, eh?


Stacey Hays said...

You know they also say if your feet are rubbed that could induce labor. I think that is why when you get a pedicure while pregnant they won't rub your feet hardly at all. I'm not saying that I believe it...but my mom rubbed my feet the night before I went into labor with Eleanor...almost 12 hours to be exact.

Brandi said...

I love reading about your little Dawkins adventures. :)

Beth said...

Don't you mean the Dawkinses?! ;)

Jeff Walters said...

corn field and four wheeler...