Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Husky Little Man

We went to the doctor yesterday. Last week he asked me to come in for another ultrasound just to check on the little guy since he was so large back in January. David and I watched the screen and saw a line graph with…um…high numbers. These estimates are so unreliable…but the ole doc said he’s anywhere from 8.5-9.5lbs right now and will probably continue gaining weight until I deliver. Apparently Jude’s still quite “husky.” They printed off a picture of his little arm. He has a fat roll on his arm.

Oh. I. Cannot. Wait. To squeeze a fat little baby.

Not much to say here on progress. Not even a Braxton Hicks contraction to be had. I feel fine…just a lot more tired than usual. I’m assuming that has something to do with this 30lb weight strapped to my stomach.

On Sunday, David and I went for a walk. I told him I wanted to keep going….so we did. It started raining. All of the sudden I realized that what used to be a short distance wasn’t so short anymore. Finally, I told ole hubs he might want to jog on home and get the car. And I’m not really exaggerating when I say that I thought I was going to go into labor on the side of the road. I just kept walking…because I knew if I stopped some frantic person would pull their car over and offer to take me to the hospital. Thankfully, I made it home and Jude remains inside - stockpiling food, apparently.

It does seem true that I cannot call anyone at this point in time without disappointing them. The first question is always “Are you in labor?!?!?!?!?!” It kind of dulls things when I just say “I was calling to chat.”

David finishes his last exam on Thursday…so we’re not a bit anxious to move things along just yet. But we are eager to meet the husky little man.


Molly said...


This post was so funny, I just had to comment! I love reading about sweet baby Jude. (He might come out a little husky--but all the more to LOVE!) So great!

AND glad you made it home after that walk...hope you didn't get too wet.

I'll miss stopping in to have our chats when Jude comes. But I promise I'll keep you updated on life--maybe via comments on your blog! :)

Claire said...

Can't wait to hear about little Jude's arrival! I wouldn't take much stock in those sonograms...one of our residents had been told that her baby was about 7.5 pounds at her last ultrasound and he ended up being just over 5.5! Of course, seeing a little fat roll does make the chances go up. :-)

Kimberly said...

I can't wait to see that (big) little boy either. I will start watching for you at work. You better not have him while I am off :) Please let me know if you discover that you need anything while you are in the hospital b/c I am there 5 nights a week and I only live 10 min away! I am so excited for you guys!

greatishisfaithfulness said...

Hee hee, all of my babies have been 9 pounds or more. My last one was 10 pounds, 3 ounces! I don't know if they told you at the ultrasound, but the weight estimate can be off by a pound, either way. So he could be more like 7.5-8 pounds right now. Then again, he could be 9.5-10 pounds too! Anxiously awaiting the news of his arrival!

The Hutton Family said...

So glad to find your blog! I am looking forward to keeping up with y'all! So excited about the birth of your baby boy. We just had us a big boy too!

Emily Hutton

Heidi said...


You just made me laugh out loud many times as I read this wonderful blog! I wish I could see you and how big Jude is getting in that tummy. Thank you for sharing the aerobics story! That was great! It's no wonder it's hard for you to handle this 30 extra pounds when you barely weigh 30 pounds yourself!

Ok...going to have to come see you and hold this beautiful baby when he arrives. Please let me know if you're in Memphis for a bit. I could definitely zip up that way to see you.

You are loved and prayed for!
"to Him be the glory..." Romans 11:36

linz said...

4 of those lbs are probably his cheeks! yay!