Tuesday, May 18, 2010


In hopes of making a bit of a family scrapbook, one day last year I decided to print off a few blogs. Not surprisingly, the project ended up in our file cabinet for a later time.

This week I've been purging our files in preparation for the move in July. I came across the printed blogs and read my first post.

Ironically enough, the date was exactly 2 years ago on May 16th....Jude's due date. Blogging, as it turns out, is one of the only web applications I actually attend to faithfully. (You know this if you ever send me messages on Facebook.) And the bedroom suggestion mentioned below is the exact spot where Jude's bassinet awaits him.

May 16, 2008

The blog begins. Life in Louisville has widened the gap for me between some of those dearest to our hearts...and so...in another effort to bridge what time and distance generally erode, I am beginning a blog. It's another 'networked connectivity' that I seriously doubted I would ever join...but here I am... posting my first blog.

Laurin Boeving is primarily responsible for this new found interest. She came to Louisville a few weekends ago for a visit. We made homemade bread for the duration of the weekend...David and I acted as near salesmen for Breadman...and when it was all over, the Boevings bought a bread maker. She tried the entire weekend to convince me of two things : 1. I would love blogging. 2. The large closet in our den would make a suitable bedroom for a little baby. The second proposition seemed a little bit of stretch...but on the first, though I've resisted longer than the Boevings did the Breadman, a blog seems inevitable.

Life is full of the daily details that recount to us moment after moment the faithfulness of God. I see it in other people's lives....and long for it to be reflected in the Dawkins realm as well. He is faithful to us day after day, in the tiny details and the grand scheme of things. He is on every page of our narrative. This is just another outlet to tell that story.

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