Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An Update on Jude

We went to the doctor yesterday and inquired about all of those rumors we've been hearing about inducing labor. Swimming, riding over railroad tracks, spicy food, etc...basically, he told me to take it easy. It's unlikely that they'll help a thing.

My blood pressure is low, the non stress test shows no signs that Jude's in any kind of danger and so...we wait.

If he's not here yet (and I'm beginning to wonder if he hasn't just decided to stay put for a while), I'll go in for a check up again on Friday to make sure all is well. No talk of inducing at this point...for which I am very grateful.

We'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the messages and phone calls!


Anonymous said...

Laura ... you, David and soon to be born Jude have been in my thoughts and prayers.
Just finished a pair of little socks for him
Your "Aunt" Melissa

Anonymous said...

What about going to the grocery store?