Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Wicked Lottery

What have we been up to lately?

I am a little ashamed to say that even though we'd seen it twice already, David and I got a hankerin' when we heard May would bring the show to Louisville. My birthday money was put securely away. We held our breath, waiting to see if Jude might come a bit early.

But when opening night came and the little guy hadn't made an appearance, we headed downtown with our theatre friends, the Lyons, to see if we could win the Wicked Lottery. (Lottery = 2.5 hours before the show you put your name in the 'hat.' At the 2 hour til curtain mark, they pull 10 names. Those 10 people have a chance to purchase 2 tickets in orchestra seating for $25. The tickets would normally sell for $250+) It's how we ended up on the front row in NYC. And it's how we ended up on the 3rd row last week for the opening show.

We're still singing the tunes.

As for Jude, not even the striking voice of Elphaba motivated him to join us:)


Claire said...

Oh goodness! I'm so jealous. :-) I've seen it twice (once with my friend Sarah) and we are planning to go either in Little Rock or Memphis.

BrandAshley said...

Brandon and I are considering trying to do that. Where do you go? I just have no idea what to do..... Any advice? :)

Beth said...

A hankerin'?! ;)

LoganB said...

Laura! You make me so mad! I told Mama that I wanted to go see it in Louisville and we could just visit and such with ya'll. She was like, "No. Jude will be here and Laura will have her hands full." Well, I see how full your hands (and ears) really are!

In Definition said...

ashley....just show up in the lobby of Kentucky Center (the theatre on the riverfront at main and 5th street) 2.5 hours before show time and instructions are in the lobby. Make sure you have an id handy and also you have to pay cash for the tickets! give me a call if you need more info:)

Logan. all i can say is, i'm sorry. U can still come, but Jude has your room now:)