Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

My dear bff, Rebekah, has a knack for pulling off amazing pranks. If ever you want a good story, ask her about the exploits of her college days. After years as her roommate, I rather prefer to be her pranking partner than the one she would prank. Those who’ve played a good game of Mafia with me know the truth…my face says everything I know. I can never fool anyone, try though I might…and believe me I’ve tried to get Rebekah.

This past April, I took advantage of the distance between Louisville and Memphis and the fact that Rebekah and I have schedules that are polar opposites. This makes it almost impossible to talk on the phone with her more than once a week. In the past, any April Fool’s Day joke would be immediately discovered by one look at my face or conversation with me. Emotions aren’t read over emails and texts though. After years of failed attempts, I finally got Rebekah. It was a complete victory. The details are fodder for another blog though or I’ll just let you ask Rebekah about it.

Rebekah was supposed to come to Louisville last weekend to meet Jude. I got a text from her early in the week saying she’d broken her foot and couldn’t drive for 6 weeks.

My response?

“Yeah, right. I knew you’d try to get me back for my April Fool’s victory.”
She called and tried to convince David and I that she’d broken her foot while rescuing her cat, Charlie, from a ferocious dog in her parent’s front yard.


I expected her to show up on my doorstep last weekend. Instead I got an email from our mutual friend, Kim, with this picture attached.

David, not one to be easily fooled, examined the cast for cut marks exclaiming that you could piece a hard cast back together for a picture. As it turns out though, she really did break her foot while rescuing her cat. Sadly, she failed to find the least bit of sympathy from our household for at least a week until we received proof.

Sorry, Rebekah. It’s the price a prankster has to pay.

Her emails to me this week have all ended with the request that I show her picture to Jude everyday and repeat her name so that he’ll know her when they finally meet.

Happy Mending, Rebekah.


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Lee said...

Last year, she said you were pregnant on Fb, I thought? I totally bought it.

Jessica Fregoe said...

i would love to hear how you got her... i'm a big fan of pranking:)i'm glad i still get to read ur blog!!