Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hush Little Baby

I have an aversion to public crying.

Jude seems to know this instinctively.

Last week I took him to the public library for a bit of emailing as we don’t have internet at home. He slept for the entire walk. He slept as I logged onto the computer. And just as I began to respond to a few emails, his face began to contort.

I got nervous.

I rocked his little stroller.

I looked about me at the other library patrons. No one seemed particularly concerned with keeping things quiet in there. I could hear other children crying upstairs.

Then Jude began to cry.

I packed everything up as quickly as possible and pushed him back outside to head home.

He fell back asleep immediately and slept the entire walk home…and into the house.

I’m guessing that one thing I’m going to have to overcome is this aversion to public crying. At this point, I don’t even try to console him in public places…I just leave…as quickly as possible.

Eventually, I know I'm going to have to move past this. We can't stay at home for the rest of his baby days.


Jessica said...

The crying never really bothered me (in a library it might!) but the dirty looks sometimes did.

Once I got so mad at some young college age girl who rolled her eyes at me at Target when my baby was crying that I actually said something to her.

I *might* have mentioned how I understood that she was offended my baby crying but that I was offended by the fact that she was at Target dressed like she would be more at home on a stripper pole. We all have to put up with things we don't like when we go out in public.

Not my proudest moment, but try to keep it in perspective. If you are doing the best you can to keep your baby happy, you have the right to finish your shopping or whatever you need to do just like anyone else.

Stacey Hays said...

Laura, I understand. There have been many times that I have retreated as soon as Eleanor started to show the the smallest cry. Most people really do understand that you do have a baby and babies cry. One time though a man at Target told me "your baby is crying, I think he's upset". Sometimes, you just have to laugh! Oh, it makes me nervous most of all at church. It really shouldn't. Of all places, there are tons of babies and parents who understand. Hope all is well!

Jessica Fregoe said...

LOL, when I was reading that, I could so easily imagine your face as he started crying and you were looking around the library and frantically packing up:) It's a pretty cute story:)

Alicia said...


I enjoy hearing that tiny newborn cry in public-- it changes SO quickly!

Those pesky, uncontrolled toddlers are much more bothersome, if you ask me.

linz said...

lol that stripper pole story cracks me up!

Beth said...

I agree with Alicia! Crying babies don't bother me one bit. But disobedient toddlers who are clearly running the show? Now that does irk me a bit. ;)

Kimberly Kitchens said...

You will get past it because they will always cry when you don't want them too. Also, he can sense your anxiety about it, so that won't help when trying to console him.
You will be surprised how many people don't mind hearing him cry. Remember all moms have been in the same situation before.

Brandi said...


staceyb said...

baby jude just needs aunt lucy to play with him while you respond to emails:)

The Hutton Family said...

I used to feel the same way you do. Last time I was in the grocery store, all three of my kids were crying at the same time- Chanin HATES his carseat and wanted to get out. . . Forrest was upset that I quietly scolded him for throwing the milk out of the cart (yes, you read that right). . and AC wanted to give the balloon back that the florist gracious had given her because she was afraid that the wind would blow it away. I, then, started crying myself, but we made it home alive.