Monday, May 16, 2011

That Kind of Girl

I've talked about getting a pedicure for my calloused runner's feet for upwards of a year. But I probably wouldn't have done it. I'm not a pedicure kind of girl.

This is why a gift certificate to a salon from some very kind friends who know me quite well was the perfect incentive. I have to admit: I walked away thinking that maybe I am a pedicure kind of girl after all.


Laurin said...

very pretty toes! When you come to l-ville, let's get one at Red Nails-recommended by Beth Crouser...need I say more???

Yvonne Moffatt Waggener said...

Your toes look very pretty, Laurin.
I imagine you felt very relaxed
after this time given to yourself.
Yvonne Waggener

That little table that you crafted
was darling!!!!!

Beth said...

Yes yes yes! I'm inviting myself along, Laurin. The three of us at Red Nails! :)