Saturday, May 21, 2011

Travel Log

A few moments from our trip this week:

1. 12 hours of drive-time turns into a LOT more road time than we realized. By the end, everyone was a little delirious..but we made it!

2. When your GPS tells you that it needs updates, you should probably take care of that. Otherwise, you may end up in a similar situation....on a dirt road through the ghetto of small town NC:

3. Jude loves apples. Hours of car entertainment gnawing on a big red apple.

4. I love our new apple too. (the techy kind of apple:) We had a little backseat fun with photobooth:

5. Grammar was our HERO all week. She trekked all the way up just to hang with the little man and went above and beyond the call of grandmas! A whole post may be necessary.

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