Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Unattainable Loaf

My sister in law makes the most delicious bread. A few weeks ago she brought it to a family gathering, then I had another piece at her house. For Jude's birthday, she brought us a whole loaf. I'm rationing it out. It's SO good.

I've been into bread making lately, so I was hopeful about re-creation.

Then she told me the terrible news. She uses a starter. Agh. Wouldn't you know it? I hate starters and starters hate me. I always have great intentions with things like that. And in the end, those good intentions just aren't enough.

I kill starters just like I kill plants.

If something can't talk to me (or in Jude's case, cry a bit), I forget that it needs food. And so, a starter would be just as hopeless in our household as a pet or a plant.

I guess I'll just have to invite myself over for bread at LA's house.


Anonymous said...

I have become interested in making bread recently but what's a started exactly? That bread does look delicious!!

Katie Delk

Anonymous said...

I mean starter:)

In Definition said...

katie. probably the most common starter is for friendship bread. here's a link to a recipe from all recipes:

if you forget about things easily though it might be a hard success:)