Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Josie

We had a little shin dig for Josie Jane this weekend. The mamaws came into town, Lindsey put on her party clothes, and we celebrated in pink.

I felt inspired by a chat I had with a new friend, Shari, and decided to try my hand at cake decorating. Josie's room is hot pink and her bedding is Hello Kitty. It's adorable. When I saw a Hello Kitty cake pan last week at Hobby Lobby, I couldn't resist. For a first attempt with any sort of Wilton tip, I was rather proud of my success (don't look too closely, Shari:)

I must confess though, on a cuteness scale, I'd definitely rate Amanda's fruit carriage higher than the cake. The funny thing about this little creation? Bear is actually the one who carved it:)


Shari said...

Are you kidding?! You did a great job! That is absolutely adorable! And wasn't it easier than you might have thought? Just a bit tedious, is all.

Careful, you'll find yourself bitten by the bug and you won't be able to stop with this one. ;)

Jessica said...

now I am really hoping you can post some pictures of that nursery! I'm intrigued!

Kelly said...

The cake is SOO cute! I know Lindsey loved it!