Friday, June 24, 2011

The Penny Collector

I've known David since Junior High. In October, David and I will celebrate 4 years of marriage.

But, there's always a story yet untold, or a memory left to unfold, right?

Last night David picked up an old box out of his parent's attic. I kept hearing him chuckle, so I finally went in to see what he'd discovered. Please note: in all my life experience with David, I've never heard a word about penny collecting or victorious paper airplanes.

Pennies collected in sequence and labeled meticulously:

Award-winning paper airplanes from a 5th grade competition:

He ever faithfully wore his mouth guard during those years of braces. His dentist told him he was a model patient:

Who knows what tomorrow will hold with a man of such depths?

In case you're wondering, we did keep the pennies and airplane. The mouth guard....I'll let you guess.

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Lori Gilbert said...

so funny, laura! i love reading your blog : ) and david is such a great sport.