Monday, June 6, 2011

Southern Flavor, Part II

Remember Mrs. Billie of the caramel icing extravaganza?

Since that first cooking lesson, Mrs. Billie has become a dear friend. Recently, Sarah and I tasted some more of her goodness and we were gushing with compliments of the most genuine nature.

Imagine a meringue walnut crust and a creamy lemon filling topped with real whipping cream. Let me tell you, it's a reality you will want to try.

Gushing over food sometimes has wonderful results. Mrs. Billie invited us over for a demo last week. We're talking, she had two mixers set up, ingredients pre-measured, etc, etc. It was like stepping in to Julia Childs.

The best part? In the end, a whole pie full of goodness ended up in my freezer!

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Shannon said...

Thank you for sharing - it was delicious!