Friday, June 3, 2011

Tears, teeth & other trials

If you've been peeking in on our blog this week you might think that our little world consists of nothing more than soaking in the glorious southern sunshine, eating ice cream, and crafting pink zebra mirrors. Let me assure you - that is not the case:)

Jude had his one year visit this week, shots included. (And the aftermath of fever and fussiness.) He has a few molars coming in so his poor little gums are swollen. To cope with the week, he discovered the shriek yesterday. And he's practicing it frequently.

Truth be known, Monday night I had an obscure fever, Tuesday I was better but terribly tired. The massive to do list is mounting. Time is ticking and the week has been a bit of a blur of generally unproductive days. David's had his hands full with the two of us.

I wouldn't really call any of these things trials. (I just wanted to use alliteration in the title:) But they would fall under my classifications of "tedious annoyances" and "setbacks." I've had a hard time giving thanks. Complaints, however "small," have been on the tip of my tongue. Laurin posted this wonderful quote earlier this week, and I found it so helpful (in the convicting, humbling kind of way) that I thought I would re-post it here:

"You would be very ashamed if you knew what the experiences you call setbacks, upheavals, pointless disturbances, and tedious annoyances really are. You would realize your complaints about them are nothing more nor less than blasphemies – though that never occurs to you. Nothing happens to you except by the will of God and yet [God's] beloved children curse it because they do not know it for what it is” (Jean-Pierre de Casussade).

This week has been God's good will for me. What a precious truth in times like these.

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