Thursday, June 9, 2011


Think random. Then read on. Just a few tidbits from our world...

1. The bee hive at the new kid's park in Shelby Farms is Jude's latest love. The doors are just his size. He particularly enjoys it if a cousin or two come along:)

2. Did you know that you could have custom boots made? We're talking so fitted to your own feet that the size between the two can vary slightly, designed with your own ideas, monogrammed, and even signed by the boot "artist." Apparently, boots are a big thing. I was taken back by all this information when our friend Todd mentioned his custom boots (which were actually a gift to him). He was so convincing when he told us all of the elements involved, I must admit I'll never look at a boot the same way again. Just in case you ever needed to know, I wanted to pass the word on to the blog world.

3. Jude has a strong liking for tooth brushes. However just because he likes to carry it around doesn't mean that his 8 (yes, 8!) pearly whites always get a thorough brushing. This week I discovered the finger brush at Target. It's revolutionizing tooth brushing in our little house!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! SEeing you today reminded me of your blog! And I had to comment on this post since I saw first hand Jude's love for the bee hive :)! It was wonderful seeing you today, and you and David and Jude will be in my prayers over the next few months as you embark on this new phase of your life. I am so proud of you, and hope you post on here of your work in Asia.