Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All Ye Runners

Rejoice with me a bit in the view along my new route:)


Manda said...

Oh, I miss that beautiful Virginia countryside!

Amy said...

Brings back memories!

So sorry you had to battle HFM during your first week. A word about the benadryl- he will outgrow that adverse reaction. the younger you give it to a child, the greater the chance of it having the opposite effect. so try again in 6 mos or so.

if the sores are in his mouth, avoid all salty and acidic foods (pretzels, OJ, etc). stick with bland stuff. you can put benadryl cream on the sores (not in the mouth) to help with the swelling.

you know i want to be your resident nurse! :)

lots of love to you and your fam.