Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy Hands

We've been in meetings for a few hours a day...for almost 5 weeks now. Let me just say, it can be a little hard to stay focused.

This week, I picked up a project though, and I'm guessing my retention increased by at least 50%. For me, busy hands = an increase in attention span. I intend to eventually turn the above into a pillow...

Inspired by the discovery, I decided to try out a new craft....knitting. We'll see how my first project turns out!


Stacey Hays said...

You will love knitting! I picked it up a few years ago and love it!

Manda said...

Beautiful, Laura! I too pay attention better when my hands are busy. I often want to embroider during church services...but I'm afraid it wouldn't go over very well. :)