Thursday, August 25, 2011


Jude has been crying in his sleep for the past 5 nights. We're not talking a little bit of crying...but throughout the night. He appears to be asleep. He's not easily comforted. He's wiggly.

And we're beginning to feel a little sleep deprived. (let's be honest: hubs more than me because he's bearing the brunt of it)

I've talked to several moms who said their kids had night terrors around this age. Lasting anywhere from a week to on and off for months. hmm. It's sad, sad to watch.

Any advice?


amanda and bear said...

I'm sorry, buddy (and little buddy). I will be praying they subside soon. Love you!

Katharine said...

Night terrors usually stem from sleep deprivation. . . maybe he is not napping as well at culture school as he normally would and it is taking its toll. Lily was and is VERY sensitive to all things sleep. If you can't control the daytime, I would put him to bed 30 min. to an hour earlier at night before the night time "crash"

But sometimes nothing works well. Hope he settles soon!

The Cherry Blossom Travellers said...

Jacob had this!! When we were L'ville...he was between the ages of 1-3, prob about 1 and a half. He would wake up SCREAMING and we couldn't comfort him because he woudl be sound asleep. SO CRAZY! I think it is "normal" at this age and will pass. SOrry you're feeling the sleep deprivations...!

Megan Miller said...

Josiah had night terrors too! I'm so sorry, Laura, it's tough! Joe only had them a handful of times over a couple months but they are so frightening at first and so exhausting.

Most literature says you are not supposed to wake them, but when we didn't the screaming could go on and on; what worked well was to fully awaken him (the only way we could wake him in the middle of a terror was to speak his name loudly while clapping next to his ear) and then bring him in bed with us and he would go right to sleep and sleep peacefully the rest of the night. Thankfully, the phase soon passed, and Joe moved on to more heart rending experiences, like trying to jump off the top of the couch...Our motto has become, This Too Shall Pass!
Love you and praying for you!