Friday, March 30, 2012

back to the fort

Since our days with Nan-Nan are numbered, we've been hitting a few tourist spots this week. Today we made an early morning trek (to avoid temps in the 104+ range) out to one of our favorite sites: Golc@nda Fort. Here are a few pics if you're interested. It's even more beautiful than it looks:)

Our trusty tour guide:

Baby Break. Silas was a trooper..but I was definitely feeling like worst-mom-of-the-year when the 11 o'clock sun started heating those stones up!

Family photo op - wow, it's nice to have someone to snap pictures for us!

Taking in the sites:

Hubs wins the award for most stairs climbed/heaviest load to bear!

Visitors sure are a good reason to explore the city a little more!


Nan Nan said...

These pictures leave no clue about how many stone steps we climbed up...but it was worth it! David and Laura both were hauling little ones the whole way. It was a fun day but so very hot that the ice cream vendor at the bottom became our new best friend.

Brad said...

We used to be able to see the fort from our roof. I can't believe you guys live there now and our paths have not crossed yet!