Thursday, March 29, 2012

we lOve nan-nan

Have I mentioned lately that I'm starting to understand why asians like living arrangements that are multi-generational? We are loving the extra set of hands. It'll be a rude awakening when my sweet mama boards that plane in another two weeks. Here are a few of the many reasons she is a most welcome visitor:)

1. I haven't touched the washing machine since she arrived. And that's no small statement. She's in a constant cycle of washing and hanging, folding and sorting. What a huge help with new baby...who seems to create more laundry than the rest of us put together!

2. Family outings are a lot more possible with a spare adult to chase the toddler and hold the baby. Though we are a bit more squished in the back of that rickshaw...she's been a real trooper!

3. Jude wakes up in the morning and calls "Daddy! Momma! Nan-Nan!" In fact, sometimes he just calls "Nan-Nan." He is seriously lovin' the grandma-time on the playground and otherwise.

4. I finally feel like I fit into asian life. My mom accompanies us everywhere. And that, my friends, is just as my neighbors think it ought to be. I know when she leaves there will be much consternation over the state of our lonely household. And my neighbors won't be the only ones feeling it!

love you mom:)

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Robin Cole said...

Sending you hugs today!!!!