Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a big day

It was kind of a big day in our little world.

1. We showed my mom the wonder of the city train. We took the baby and sat in the "ladies" car...a much milder experience than David and Jude's!

2. On our way to a museum, we left our backpack..with my wallet and the back of a random rickshaw. Miraculously, after a few kind onlookers got involved, we were able to track him down and meet him at the train station. It really was nothing short of miraculous. There are only 4.5 million or so rickshaws drivers in the city. I wonder how we could have forgotten to get it out of the's not like our hands are full or anything:)

3. We visited a fantastic site down in old town that is the replica of an iranian palace...with more of an asian flare. A very fun outing, albeit a bit hot.

4. And now we're watching a bit of rain. That is quite a big ordeal here...since we've hardly seen a drop in 6 full months!

Here's to the hope that we'll all sleep well tonight:)

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