Tuesday, April 10, 2012

fare thee well

My mom left last night for America.

I cried. Big tears in front of gawking asians.

When we came back inside, Jude was feeling a little distressed over his weeping momma. He came over to dry my tears and offer a little comfort.

His face changed to look like a kind hearted 45 year old and he repeated what we've been telling him this week about NanNan, "Going to see PopPop." He said it with such a hopeful smile that those simple words would be just what I needed to hear that I couldn't help mopping up the tears a bit.

I'm not sure when he grew up?

And now...we're man-to-man parenting around here, about to jump headlong back into language study, wading through a lot of diapers and midnight feedings, and wondering how on earth people handle more than 2 children.

After Jude's little chat with me, I reminded myself that sadness over a departure should never obscure gratitude over the gift of time together.

So we're giving thanks for the time...and missing her helping hands already!


Anonymous said...

Was praying for you sweet friend and thinking about you on Monday as your Mama left- My parents left on Monday as well as they were visiting for Easter. I love you sister- what sweet affection from Jude- how sweet! I miss you Laura- wish I could give you a big hug- love little Silas- I am sure you all will get into a routine so soon! Love, Erin

Salter327 said...

Laura, I have been thinking about you the past few days knowing your moms departure was coming. My eyes got VERY fuzzy when reading your post, thank you for being an example of how to take your thoughts captive! Praying for you, and I check your blog daily :)
-Chelsea Salter

Linz said...

awww sister.... come home! i feel a deep sadness inside just reading this. Jude is such a sweetheart already!

Linz said...

yeah, i said it.

Justin and Bonnie said...

Praying for you.. this is so hard.