Monday, April 23, 2012

Ode to Kroger

Hubs struck it rich at the import store this week. Beautifully green broccoli. The beauty of it apparently carried him away. He bought in bulk.

After the hour ride home, there was chopping. Washing in potassium permanganate to get those little worms out. Rinsing in filtered water. Blanching in boiling water to prep for freezing. Plunging in cold water to "seal in the nutrients." Ziplocking with one of those precious storage bags Grammar sent. And finally...freezing.

The next time you pay $1.50 for a frozen bag of broccoli florets at Kroger, smile and give thanks.

Oh, Kroger, how I miss thee.

Lest you leave the blog feeling sorry for me...let me share the good news in these parts: It's mango season.

Our neighbors came home from a mango festival yesterday with an assortment for us to try. Apparently, we'll have the bliss of every variation of mango you can imagine for the rest of the summer.

And since most of you would probably take a mango over a broccoli floret, I doubt I'll invoke to much sympathy with this post:)


Claire said...

I remember what that was like! We didn't have green beans and Philip returned to MS, after HATING green beans, to have that be his favorite veggie! :-)

Shannon said...

This post really convicted me Laura. It reminds me of how many things (like a ready-made bag of frozen broccoli) I take for granted in my daily life. I often grumble about having to run up to Kroger (which is in walking distance to my house) to pick up some missing ingredient for our dinner. Thank you for pointing out the need to be grateful for ALL things.