Monday, April 2, 2012

Palm Sunday

One of things I love about our life right now is this season of cultural discovery we are daily experiencing. Life is very different in asia than it was in the streets I knew as a child. I hope the experience undoes some things in me that are too deep rooted and that it provides a broader perspective for these wee ones as they grow in this different land.

One of the greatest gifts though is the bridging of the two worlds. I find that most often, the gospel is that bridge.

Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday with our faith community here. It was different - but it was the same. After all, the story hasn't changed. When we arrived at church to find the children holding flower laden branches, prepared to march through the streets singing "Hosanna," the gospel tasted so, so sweet.

...from every tribe, tongue and nation, they praise Him.

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staceyb said...

beautiful. thank you for sharing that.