Friday, April 13, 2012

Silas Stats

Today is Silas's one month birthday. Here are a few slightly boring mom-tidbits about his day to day affairs.

Baby Basics

Sleeping: I can't recall staying up more than 2 hours to rock him in his entire first month. It's like he was born sleeping through the night (minus 3-4 hr feedings). That's the kind of second baby this momma needed to have!

Eating: He eats like a champ. No dawdling, just gets down to business. I may have just forgotten this stage...but it does seem like he eats all the time. Really he's just averaging 2.5-3.5 hours between feedings.

Diapering: At the risk of tmi...this kid has peed on us more in a month than Jude has in 2 years of life. We're not talking moderate sprayage either. We're talking a freely flowing fountain that reaches to the far corners.

Weigh In: Based on our home scaling system, Silas is up to 12.6 lbs. Jude was at 12.5 at one month. Guess all those meals are paying off!

Dilemmas: Baby acne. It's a mild case but the asians are in constant distress over it. I'm afraid it might give him a complex.

Oddities: He sounds like a pig. Really. He grunts more than any baby I've ever heard. I love it!

Happy One Month, Silas!


Inception said...

Man, oh man, I want to reach through this computer and pick up that sweet, handsome little fella and hold him a while. Happy One-month Birthday, Silas!

Anonymous said...

Love you little Silas- you are so cute- we like little oinkers! Wish we could hold and hug you too! Glad you are a good sleeper for Mommy & Daddy! And glad you are gaining weight so well! Love, The Lyons :) We like to grrr- but you can oink. :)

Shannon said...

He is precious and perfect in every way! Kiss on him for us.

The Gatewoods