Thursday, April 12, 2012

the state of our house

1. The fever was the pre-cursor to a rather violent stomach bug. We loaded the family in a rickshaw this morning to go to a clinic. They gave us masses of medicines and took blood. Awaiting the results. Hitherto, Jude and Silas have been preserved...but this afternoon during nap time, Jude threw up in his bed. Hopefully, it will be short lived for him. I slept through the whole affair. Have I mentioned I love my husband?

2. We're not much on piling things up. This week seems to be an exception though. Thankfully, our faithful house helper has been holding the dish and dirt chaos down to a bare minimum.

3. Call me a bad mom. Jude is watching a new Veggie Tales dvd a friend mailed to him - on the computer, wearing headphones. I'm pretty sure there's some parenting law against that. The lame reason? David and I wanted to watch a real movie on the tv. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is only captivating for so long.

4. In the absence of his usual outdoor play, Jude's been getting pretty creative in his indoor entertainment.

5. Silas...well, if we could all have our own rocking lounger, a pacifier, and someone to feed and cloth us...perhaps we'd be as peaceful as he:)

Seriously, we're on the mend..and doing just fine. A little way from well, but thankful that the fever seems to have passed. Thanks for all the prayers and emails!

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Shannon said...

Laura.. So sorry to hear that you guys have been battling yet another round of illness - and so close on the heels of your mother leaving. We have been praying for healing and strengthened immune systems for each of you. (Sorry I have been delayed in commenting/emailing to let you know that you have been in our prayers - both my children have been sick this week as well :(

Your family is never far from our thoughts! And please do not feel guilty about Jude watching DVDs while you and David rest your bodies. Coming from one who has to resort to that option more than I would like, choose to view it as God's perfect provision from above :)

Love & Prayers,