Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Things Thursday

1. Jude has a growing obsession with Mickey Mouse. Grammar and Pop actually mailed him this massive Mickey. He adores it. This is how he emerges from his room these days after a good night of sleep:

Yes. He still sleeps with a pacifier. You can try to tell me about his teeth and all that. It probably won't do any good though. We have bigger fish to fry in these parts right now than pacy-breaking:)

2. Silas is legal. Passport in hand. Our next stop? Thailand for visa work. I can't say we regret that the Embassy just happens to be a few hours from crystal blue water and white sand. Now, if only we can make it another month or so.

Have I ever mentioned that I rarely step foot in any country without a trusty Lonely Planet? We're starting a small collection over here.

3. Silas is officially smiling. Cooing. All that cute baby business at 2 months. And just in case you're wondering if the pictures are out of proportion sometimes, they're not. He's HuGe. Over 15 lbs and growing fast. At this stage, he's well ahead of where Jude was. From chunky babies to chunkier babies:)

Happy Thursday!


Katharine said...

Susannah still has her paci - at 2.5 years old. I agree, bigger fish to fry. . .

Sherrill Holloman said...

Silas is precious! Jude is growing up too fast! I've been a little behind catching up on your family. Today was your card for me to lift up. That reminded me that you should have had your baby by now so I went to your blog to catch up. Congratulations!