Saturday, May 5, 2012

exceeding expectations

We're back. It's good to be home. The trip definitely exceeded our expectations. More next week. Before I tuck into that cozy bed in my a/c room though, I thought I'd post a few pictures of our village week.

Good to be home. Glad we went. The air was fresher than we expected:)


Gabriella said...

Hi Laura, it's Gabriella from the DTS. I just "rediscovered" your blog, so happy to see your lovely little family! What a blessing!
You take beautiful pictures as always, the village pics remind me of Shimba Hills.
Love, Gab-Gab

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Your family has been in our prayers this week! So glad to hear things went well! Looking forward to reading more about it soon!
Love, The Gatewoods

Laurin said...

It looks absolutely beautiful! So thankful for y'all that it went well....we prayed!

Linz said...