Friday, May 25, 2012

Five on Friday

We are glad it's Friday. After that piñata party, language classes, and 109temps, the weekend is calling. Here are 5 things from our world this Friday:

1. We are taking a few vacation days next week and couldn't be happier. No language classes. Plenty of mangos. And hopefully, a whole lot of sleep, jogging, play time, and reading.

2. To kick start the stay-cation, we decided to head to a local water park. We were a little skeptical, but I will admit it exceeded my expectations. Jude had fun. Silas slept.

All was well until our journey home.

The train was 45 minutes late, we were 20 minutes early. It was 110. When it finally arrived, it was too crowded to board and we almost didn't make it. After a little shoving, we worked our way in though. The train was slow. Then it stopped. On the tracks. It couldn't go all the way to our house b/c of rail repairs. 2 rickshaws, a train,2 crying children and 3 hours later....we made it home.

3. After an hour on the platform, some locals started taking pictures of me and Silas. It was 110 degrees. Silas was fussing in the carrier. I was a post-waterpark wreck and on the verge of tears. I just feel the need to confess publicly: I stuck my tongue out at them until they stopped photographing me. That wasn't really culturally appropriate but it felt kind of good.

4. I laughed at the asians when I first saw them using umbrellas as a sort of parasol. Now, a few months later:

It really is good sun protection, folks.

5. Are you tired of me talking about mangos? Sorry. The Mango Lassi is a wildly popular drink here. I made one for the first time this week.

A little mango, a little yogurt, a little sugar and ice. I told hubs that my one vacation wish is to wake up to a mango lassi every morning.

I feel hopeful about the next few days. David just left for the fruit stall to pick up a few more mangos:)


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Laura- so sorry about that journey home! I am sure you will soon be ready for some wheels. I can only imagine what the journey was like! Love you! Have a wonderful wonderful stay cation!

Anonymous said...

OOps forgot to say who I was- love the Lyons :)

Emily Drake said...

Oh my goodness..this made me laugh! I hope you guys enjoy your stay-cation!

staceyb said...

I laughed so hard reading about the photo session. Confession is good for the soul. LOVE.