Monday, May 7, 2012

a peek at our week

1. We had heard that train travel was the way to go. Thankfully, we made it off the wait-list and into the train. Apparently, tunnels are quite unusual here. There were over 20 tunnels through the hills on the 4 hour ride. Thus, every time we entered a new pass all of the passengers would scream like they were on a wild roller coaster. No joke. It didn't take Jude long to join in the fun.

2. Don't feel sorry for us. We hardly slept in a hut (the house was amazing) and the power held out for most of our stay. We love ceiling fans. Putting our family of 4 in a room together for a week was surprisingly smooth. Thankfully, little Silas did his best to stick to the schedule. Do these guys look like brothers or what?

3. The house where we stayed is also a children's home. There were animals galore. African parrots, puppies, geese, and rabbits. Little boy bliss.

4. Have I mentioned yet that it was GreAt to be out of the city? It was. Fresh air and flowers.

5. The longer we're here, the more we love the people. And how could you not with faces like these on your doorstep? I wanted to take this guy home!

That's all for now! We're charging into another Monday now:)

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