Wednesday, May 23, 2012

piñata party

Jude turns 2 tomorrow. Tonight was Jude's neighborhood party. We ordered a spectacular "Mickey Mouse" cake from the local baker:

Invited in the neighbors for a viewing of Jude's birthday video:

Served the samosas and sang the song:

Played with new toys:

And perhaps the most exciting event of the evening? Had a good ole fashioned piñata breaking. I've been paper macheing and painting all week in preparation. (yes, hubs is swinging it on a mop handle.) The asians loved it!

Happy Birthday to Jude!


Inception said...

Happy Birthday, Jude!!!

Mel said...

Looks like he had a great party! Happy birthday, Jude!

Laurin said...

Happy birthday to Jude from the Boevings!

brenda said...

Happy birthday Jude. I have your gift . Did Michael dress up like MIckey Mouse???