Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tess of D'Pressionville

I've been slowly working away at my book list for these post-baby days. For weeks I waded through my first Thomas Hardy book, Tess of D'Ubervilles. I started to call her Tess of D'pressionville. Tess lived one sad little life.

I could hardly put it down, but let's be honesty, I didn't really want to pick it up either. I wanted to reach inside the story and stop it. But I couldn't, so I just kept reading.

While I wouldn't say it made me a fan of Hardy, it was so well written that the tale kept digging deeper and deeper into my mind. I had to remind myself a few times that they were on paper. If it's a good sampling of his writing, he's a bit too bleak for my taste but definitely worth the time once in a while.

I'm thinking about making these little men of mine read it at around age 17 when their recklessness could ruin a lady's life.

Thankfully, hubs bought me Excellent Women by Pym just in time to recover from my Hardy bout. I can't say I even recall hearing about her through the years, though I'm sure some English teacher snuck her onto a book list at some point.

By comparison, her work was hysterical.

It was a quick, short read that is well worth your time with one of the best, most entertaining, internal dialogues I've read in a book. I think I enjoyed it so much because a lot of her embarrassing and random thought life runs parallel to my own random processing. It's even funnier on paper than in a mind though.

Speaking of funny. Jude inherited this from a friend who was moving back to the States....

Never a dull moment.

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