Friday, June 22, 2012

Five on Friday

1. Mango season is almost over.  It was short but very sweet.  We're trying to squeeze all the final goodness out of them while they're still around. Word on the street is that plums and pears come next!

2. Hubs took a short trip out to look into some business happenings this week. The boys and I have been holding down the fort.  Times like these I am even more grateful that for our apartment.  We have the most helpful neighbors and I know that if I needed something...they'd be at my door in a minute! 

3. The rainy season is changing our outdoor status a bit...but not much. The temps have dropped by almost 30 degrees in just 2 weeks.  It is wonderful! 

4. Looks like Jude and David will be flying to another city in country for Jude to have a small surgery. I tried my best to go to the children's hospital in the city with an open mind. But there's a ball pit in the waiting room.  That pretty much cinched it for me.  All I could see after that was germ-infestation. 

5. What's on our list for the weekend? Among other things, Chili's all-veg version of Skillet Queso! 

Happy Friday to you! 

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Linz said...

oh sis how i misseth thee