Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Culture shock Cheesecake

Everyone handles culture shock just a little differently.  We've heard some hilarious stories from ex-pats  reaching a peak in cultural adaptation.  People jumping from moving rickshaws over hiked fares, pushing aggressive salesmen to the ground, shouting at locals, sticking their tongues out at photographers (ah-hem, I won't name names on that one, huh:).  It definitely doesn't put you on your best behavior.  

One of the things "experts" suggest in coping with cultural adaptation is finding a hobby within your new context that you enjoy.  I would never have called cooking a hobby prior to our move to asia.  But foreign countries do strange things to you.  It is becoming a variant form of crafting for me here.  

This week has been a hard one culturally. Consequently, my cooking endeavor was a little more extreme than usual.  Cheesecake. 

I drained 4 containers of Dahi through Silas's (clean) muslin burp cloth to make enough cream cheese.   That's dedication, folks.  I absolutely destroyed my kitchen in the process.  

Never mind that I most definitely do not have a springform pan here. It worked without one.

Add a little mango puree on top, a homemade almond crust on the bottom, and it is sure to make even the worst culture shock look a little better.  For the recipe, click here. 

We're calling it a successful day around here!

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staceyb said...

Bravo Laura! I've come to a new level of respect for you. Cheesecake intimidates me and I have access to Philadelphia cream cheese. I did however have a breakthrough with soup Monday....roasted eggplant and tomato soup.