Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Henna Hands

Last night we went to the local craft market for another cultural first: henna hands.  My neighbors have designs on their hands all the time for various festivals and celebrations.  I found a great pattern for the story of when Jesus calms the sea.  I love the way it turned out! (She added a peacock to the design for good measure:) 

Jude was very intrigued by the process and wanted a little paint of his own.  Sorry, bud, only for gals! 

I think it will last around 2-3 weeks before fading completely.  Hard to believe it's taken me this long to dive into the henna culture.  I have a feeling it will be a fairly frequent stop at the market from now on though. 

Happy henna hands! 


staceyb said...

Your hands are beautiful!!! What a great story Laura and conversation piece. The process looks relaxing.

Anonymous said...

so fun! i love henna! i got one done on my foot in california one time!I'm so jealous!

Linz said...

thats cool! the one i got lasted in part for almost a year hahaha but maybe hands are different?theynage