Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Men

I am a boy mom.  And since so far 6 out of 6 grandkids on the Dawkins side are boys, it's highly likely that even if more little feet patter around our house, there won't be a doll baby or tea set in sight.  More and more I am resigned to that probability and even excited about it.  I love my boys.

One of the main reasons I delight in raising these little men is because of the grown man I am watching them emulate.  They love their Dad.  Jude already wants to be just like him.

Father's Day was a good day for me to think about the character of that man we all look up to in our house.  David leads us with such tender strength, unflinching integrity, unending patience, and faithful love.  I could have no greater joy than to watch a houseful of boys grow into the character of their father.  

Besides the utterly unfailing faithfulness of God, there is nothing that sets me at ease so much in this season of young motherhood as the character of my husband.  When I wonder, as I often do, if we are parenting well, if we are shepherding them rightly, if all the cheek-pinching is scarring them for life:), I am comforted by the integrity of my husband.  I know that my boys will learn more by his unspoken life than all the lessons we could teach them another way.

He is the same man on the street as he is in the quiet privacy of our home. He is kind to strangers and he is kind to us.  He is respectable in the public sector, and he is respectable at home. He loves the Word before men, he devours it in private.  His character is perhaps even  more strikingly Christ-centered when no one is watching.

I love that about him.  

It reminds me of Jesus, who is, after all, the source of anything good.

Happy Father's Day! 

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