Wednesday, June 20, 2012


On the way to the doctor yesterday, we stopped in for a little dinner at McDonald's.  Jude can put away some McNuggets.  

Times like these, I know asia's slowly chipping away at my all-american-ness...I ordered the "Big Spicy Paneer Wrap."  

It just sounded so good, I couldn't resist. 

I have to admit: I was not disappointed.  The spice was indeed big, but the paneer was actually quite tasty. 

In the absence of beef, it just might be a new favorite. 


staceyb said...

In all honesty Laura, those cheeks would be hard for anyone to resist, Asian or American.

Inception said...

Although it looks good, I read this entry thinking, "What is paneer?" Google and Wikipedia explained sufficiently. Cheese.

One of my frequent thoughts about your day-to-day life has been about the food and the challenges of cooking with unfamiliar ingredients. When I read your blog, I love reading of your culinary adventures (and of course, seeing and reading about those sweet boys of yours!).

S and K said...

Looks YUMMY....Wish our Mickey D's had food like that!

Beth said...

I don't even know what paneer is.

I almost ordered a fish sandwich at Wendy's the other day & thought of you. :)