Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Silas Stats: 3 Months

This week Silas hits the big 3 month mark! I thought I'd post a few details before they dissolve into the beautiful blur of childhood. 

Weighing In: This kid is an eater. He's weighing in at a whopping 17lbs. As you might imagine, that takes some serious work.  At this rate, he may outgrow Jude!

Sleeping Habits: To my delight, he's been delving into longer stints at night. Usually he will go anywhere from 6-8 hours, waking up for a snack around 3:30am.  I don't know what my body will do when I finally get a full night of sleep each night!

Tricks:  So far he's only up and walking, speaking the local dialect, and fetching the groceries for me. Ok.  Not really.  No rolling or any such trick.  Just lots of smiles and cooing.  I'm predicting a sweet little temperament in this little fellow. We love it!

Oddities: Quite regularly, some local points at Silas and exclaims how frightened he is. This is generally in response to an auntie 'loving' on him, his stroller ramping a speed bump, or a brother sitting on him.  His facial expressions are out of this world. I'll be honest, asia scares me sometimes too...so I don't blame him for the big eyes:)

Social Life: Jude and Silas are BFFs.  It is so fun to watch them together.  Of late, Jude's been getting a little feisty when the asian aunties reach for a pinch of Silas's cheeks. He throws himself on top of the stroller screaming "no, no!" We're working on appropriateness while encouraging that protective spirit:)

What a treasure little lives are!


staceyb said...

The frightened picture of Silas looks like the face you make when you tell the story of your mom chasing you and the siblings around the house as a witch. :) Always makes me laugh!

Robin Cole said...

He's growing too fast! Caleb is 5 months and only weighs in at 13 pounds! I'm so impressed with Si's eating skills!!!! I think you makin' CREAM for that baby!
We travel to RVA in 4 weeks!