Sunday, July 1, 2012

the countdown

The countdown has begun.  Only 24 more hours until hubs and Jude-bug are due home.  We are ready.

Originally, they were supposed to come home this morning.  The doctor asked them to stay an extra day for a check up before flying back:(

As for the recovery... Jude's back to his old self for the most part.  This afternoon they went to a park and he did a little "racing" as he calls it, a little backward walking (one of his favorite tricks) and afterward, to David's great delight, Lonely Planet led them to a steak house.

Silas and I have been holding down the fort today. Church, lunch, walk, read....

I'm about half way through Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry and can hardly put it down.  His use of words is stunning.

Distance sure is making this heart fonder.  Can't wait to see those boys! 

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Steve Roberts said...

praying! thanks for all the updates - love keeping up with you guys! Also - just started a book and wondered if you have read it...Grace for the Good Girl? I'm currently loving it - just reading it very slowly b/c there is A LOT that I'm needing to work through!