Friday, July 20, 2012

Nepal in a Nutshell

Tomorrow we fly away after a week in Kathmandu. The week has flown past. We have enjoyed it. Our check list is complete though, and I can't say that I'm sorry to go.  There really is no place like home....especially with two kids! 

I hate to admit this...but to be honest, our highlight has been the food.  We've eaten beef every single day.  A steak really does taste that much better if it's inaccessible for 9 months! Thanks to the tourist industry here among trekkers, there are amazing restaurants on every corner. 

The family time...away from language class and daily life...has been sweet. The boys are great travelers and seem to enjoy the exploration:) It has been a bit challenging in a hotel room for a week with not as much outdoor space as we're used to though.  We cannot wait to get back to our little park and walking track! 

The streets here are crazy.  (and they're not exactly tame where we live:) Add a lot of rain, mud and stray dogs to that...and it's quite a feat with 2 little ones in tow.  Next time we head this way, we're hoping it's not during the monsoon season! I never thought I'd say this, but I like the weather in our city better:)

As for the overall culture, it does seem to be a much milder version than our usual setting.  Cheek pinching has been at a minimum and I don't think anyone's pushed in front of me in line yet.  I guess the mountains mellow things out. 

Sooo....that's our week in Nepal in a nutshell! Next week, I' hope to be back to my wordy blogging self:) 


Linz said...

Silas is getting big and starting to look older :(

staceyb said...

Glad you guys had a good time away from your routine. You are all looking well and the boys are growing!!! Cutting in line is an acceptable practice in India?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had fun!!! Glad it was relaxing and now you will enjoy being home in your own bed and the kids will enjoy their toys once again! Love you guys! Love, The Lyons