Monday, August 27, 2012

1,000 blogs

I've been watching my little post-counter for the past few weeks in anticipation of this momentous occasion.  It is the week of 1,000 blog entries right here on The Dawkins Narrative.

It all started back in 2008 when the Boevings came to our house for a visit.  Laurin spent the weekend trying to convince me of two things: 1) I would love blogging. 2) We had just enough space for a baby bed in our closet.

Not long after, I started blogging.  And love it I do.  Two years later, we brought a little bundle home.  He spent the first months of his life sleeping soundly, tucked away in a 100 year old closet in our Louisville apartment.  Successful weekend for Laurin:)

Seems like a good landmark for a bit of reflection on why I keep this thing going.  A few thoughts:

1. Connectivity.  We live a scattered life.  In almost 5 years of marriage, we've spent 2 months or more in 5 different houses, 4 different cities, and 2 different countries.  One day, many, many years from now I hope we live in our hometown again.  I hope we bump into you in the grocery or run into you at Shelby Farms. It's a hope I try to hold loosely but a hope nonetheless.  I am glad we have history with people. I think that is rare and precious.  I want to maintain it, even if you only bump into me here for a while yet, I want to live a shared life.

2. Widening the Circle. It's a blog. I know. You skeptics our there are rolling your eyes.  But you might be surprised how many new friends this little outlet has brought into my life.  Good friends, friends that bless me and encourage me.  Friends that bring depth and light into my world.  In this season, my time for coffee dates with friends is at about nil.  I kind of feel like this is my coffee date every day.

3. Titus 2. This certainly doesn't apply to every blog I post, but one of my primary motivators is that little passage tucked away in Titus 2. There are a handful of younger women who peek in here.  I pray that they  come away from daily glimpses into my life, wanting to be busy at home, loving husband and children (or praying in advance for them), intent on good works.  I am a work-in-progress.  But an awful lot of ladies, who were still learning and growing themselves, have genuinely helped me grow into a more biblical womanhood.  I hope good things are gleaned here. 

4. Family Ties.  Last but not at all least, our family oceans away motivates me.  They are one of my primary motivations not just for posting, but for the frequency of my posting.  I don't want to be strangers to them.  I want them to know these funny boys, these awkward social adjustments, these bright and beautiful sights.  I love the instantaneous nature of blogging for that purpose alone.  Of course, I'd rather talk directly but time doesn't always allow that. Sharing daily life with them via a blog is much better than not at all. 


Annie said...

thank you for blogging-- I have definitely enjoyed reading.

Stacey Hays said...

I love your blog and how frequently you update it!

Unknown said...

Loved this post. I totally agree with everything. Laura, you are still mentoring me though oceans apart. I am thankful for precious women like you I can glean from as I too seek to be a Biblical woman. Send our Hello's to David! -Chelsea

Unknown said...

The "unknown" is chelsea salter :)

Lauren said...

I enjoy following your blog, Laura! :)
-Lauren Henrickson

Jessica said...

I love your blog! I always scroll down through my google reader and read you first every day! Your boys are so adorable and learning about your life overseas has been so awesome.

Mel said...

Happy 1,000 ;)

Mel said...

Just read Jessica's comment... I read you first too! I know you are always going to have a cute photo ;)