Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am not sure why, but I always remember my mom joking when we were young and someone asked what she did all day.  She would usually laugh and reply that she just sat around all day eating bon-bons.   Of course, she was really spending her day cooking, cleaning, carpooling and caring for us.  And we knew it. Today I made Oreo Bon-Bons and thought about her.  I wanted to sit on my couch and eat them....but I didn't really have time for all that. 

I did grab one to-go though, and it was good! 

Here's the quick and easy recipe: 1 pkg (20oz) Oreos (asian substitute: none needed! we have oreos here, a plenty...and they're cheap!), 1 pkg (8oz) cream cheese (asian substitute: 1 large container Dahi yogurt, drained 4 hrs in tea strainer), Chocolate bark for dipping (asian substitute: cadbury bar or look for bark at the import store...i found some:) Directions: Crush oreos, mix with cream cheese, refrigerate.  Roll into balls. Refrigerate again.  Dip in melted bark and place on wax paper. Enjoy! 

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Karrie said...

I think I just gained a pound looking at these! We can get oreos too! I will definitely have to give these a whirl!