Tuesday, August 14, 2012

home again

We just pulled in from another 6 days out of pocket.  We are tired. We are happy, happy to be home.  Laundry is gathered into mountains waiting for  tomorrow.  A quick little re-cap of our trip:

 1. Meetings, meetings and more meetings.  But don't feel too sorry for us: we saved a little time for fun too!

2. We stayed a couple days after our conference for a medical check up for Jude.  While we were there though, Silas developed a scary little cough.  The doctor recommended a nebulizer.  Between the two of them, we were at the hospital for about 8 hours yesterday! Whew.  Thankfully, everyone is much better today.

3. To compare cities just a bit...our weekend was full of trees and cooler weather.  But the exhaust from traffic was unbelievable. There was a cloud of fumes at every intersection. On our next trip, we'll be wearing bandanas in the auto!

4. And now...on to the next thing!

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