Monday, August 6, 2012

kolkata (a.k.a calcutta)

We are home.  And oh so happy to be in our little abode. I didn't take my camera this weekend, and only took a few cell phone photos along the way. Most of our time in Kolkata was spent driving through the streets to and from the airport....

Our meetings were outside of the city at a resort...with Jude's dream pool!

The food was so gourmet that when I fixed tomato soup with egg & cheese sandwiches for dinner tonight, hubs gushed over the meal. Simple fare is always welcome after a few days of richness.  I'm guessing the scale went up a few kgs for all of us! 

We really did try to pack light.  But add a pack & play, enough diapers for 2 kids, computer, books, a guitar etc, etc...and we just have to assent to the reality that our backpacker days are over. 

Home sweet home for a few days until we head out again! I really will write something more interesting than a travel log soon:)

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Linz said...

jude looks older already! since the last pictures! tell him to slow down!!