Saturday, August 4, 2012

loud mouth

Pardon the blog pause.  We've been en route to Kolkata for some meetings. 

Jude woke up the day of the trip with his volume turned up high.  He was a loud talker for the entire day. Most days his volume level is around a 5.  But it's like someone switched on the surround sound for that kid. Add to that a few long taxi rides, an airplane ride, and a new place to explore, and we're talking: out of control.  It was a running Jude narrative all day long. 

I love that sweet voice.  

But I'll admit, after about 1.5 hours in the airplane, I was starting to look for the mute button. 

Thankfully, once we settled into our trip, the volume reduced and we are having a fantastic time.  

Not much internet in these parts...but plenty of fun.  

More on Monday! 

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